Social Media Services

Social Video

In this arena, visuals reign over all. Social media has certainly made its impact on culture as well as marketing. It's a way to connect with several audiences through user friendly interfaces. We empower your social media channels with video. Each edit is made specific to format your platform needs. We provide you with video topics and scripts that are the most relevant to your industry, so your always engaging in an effective way.

Social PPC

Social Media PPC has become just as vital to business growth and generating leads as any other digital channel. If your business is rooted in E-Commerce, you need Social PPC. At a much more affordable cost compared to Broadcast Marketing, you can still reach large audiences and gain exposure as well as business. Find out how Nuvill Digital has increased revenue for several companies!

Social Management

This is where social platforms perform for you. Nuvill Social Media Management delivers posts to the platforms you choose to be active on, daily, weekly, or any amount in between.


Nuvill Digital knows that a well strategized Social Media plan gives you the upper hand on making sure your brand message is one that will resonate. Who is your target audience on social media? What is your competition doing? What information are they looking for, and how will you measure your growth? Where to start with your social media plan doesn’t have to be overwhelming anymore. The Social Media Development Plan is fully equipped with all the information you will need to conquer the social media world and all the possibilities is provides!

Data Tracking

"You can't really know where you are going until you know where you have been." - Maya Angelou

The most succesful method of advertising is one that can be charted. Nuvill Digital uses the industry standards for tracking all our clients campaign performance. We actively monitor campaigns and adjust the components to continue producing results. If it's not working to plan, we readjust and promote the ads that perform. Fast.